Toan Thang Massage parlor came into being in miraculous circumstances. But for the wholehearted support of our patrons, together with dedicated efforts on the part of the employees, our parlor would not have overcome initial setbacks.

It is the feeling of being indebted to this encouragement, and that urge to root out their own inferiority complex, which move our employees to seek a job of their own.  

Mrs. Le Thi Dieu Qui - owner of the parlor - let her employees enjoy all the profits that the parlor could make, by putting the sum aside as a common fund, which is officially declared and detailed in every month. 

We are committed to making our facilities and service better, and to replicating this model of ours across the country. 

Apart from regulations hitherto prescribed, we also offer the following benefits to our staff: 

  • A grant will be given to support the representative, whose job is to represent the blind masseurs and masseuses at the parlor, and to supervise the observation of the parlor’s regulations.
  • Blind masseurs and masseuses who have worked at the parlor for at least two years will be granted an amount of 5,000,000 dong per each, with an annual interest amount of 200,000 dong. The same policy applies to the the rest of the employees who have worked at the parlor for at least four years. The money will be given to the employees upon their leaving the parlor. However, while working at the parlor, should they be in need, employees can take out at most 50% of their deposited money.
  • On Lunar New Year, each of the employee will receive a share of the parlor’s profits (actual amount is based on profits made in the previous year).
  • The minimum wage for each masseur/masseuse is 1.750.000 dong/month. Should they earn less than this amount, then the parlor will offer compensations so that the employee can earn the minimum amount of salary. It should be noted, however, that the employee has to abide by the prescribed regulations on workday. 
  • Should an employee meet with some mishaps which render him/her unable to work on that day, he or she will receive a support amount of  30.000 dong/day.
  • For each of the massage ticket sold, the employee will earn 40% of its worth, should the massage take place at the parlor. If he/she is giving belly massage, or should there be power failure, or the massage is given in extra hours, or that the employee is giving in-home massage , he/she will earn 50% of the ticket’s worth.
  • On maternity leave, the female employee will receive a support amount of 6.000.000 dong. Those pregnant with twins will receive an amount of 10.000.000 dong. The male employee whose wife is pregnant receives an amount of 1.000.000 dong. Should the spouses both work at the parlor, each of them is entitled to their individual bonus.
  • Should a close family member of an employee fall ill, there will be a grant which ranges from 300.000 to 500.000 dong per case (the amount may vary as situation requires). 
  • Should an employee’s blood relative or a patron of the parlor passes away, the parlor will help with the funeral by giving an amount of 500.000 dong (the amount may vary as situation requires). 
  • Should an employee undergo expensive medical surgery or other kinds of treatment, they will receive a support amount of 1.000.000 dong per case. Should the operation prove too expensive, the parlor will have a meeting so as to decide on the final support amount. 
  • Should an employee go to Ho Chi Minh City to receive treatment of a certain illness, he/she will receive a grant of 300.000 dong.
  • Every employee is entitled to a medical insurance card free of charge.
  • Should an employee meet with an accident or fall ill, which forces him/her to be absent from the parlor for more than 30 days, he/she will receive a support amount of 2.000.000 dong.
  • On their birthday, every employee will receive a gift of 100.000 dong.
  • Employees who are living outside the parlor will each receive a supporting amount of 200.000 dong. We also provide free accomodation for those who wish to stay at the parlor.
  • On their wedding, the employee will receive an amount of 1.000.000 dong.
  • The parlor will make monthly disbursement to purchase 200kg of rice for the staff.
  • The parlor’s cook will receive a support amount for every month (actual amount may vary, depending on the price of goods in the market).
  • The parlor will give basic massage training to any blind person, whether working inside or outside the parlor, who wishes to receive such training. They will receive a daily support sum of 30.000 dong to cover their meals. The parlor, however, encourages and requires its employees to obtain a massage certificate before they officially start working at the parlor. 
  • Should an employee hold a wedding, they will receive 1.000.000 dong/each. On the day of the wedding, the whole staff will take a day off. 
  • On Lunar New Year, we pay visits to our patrons as well as deliver presents to a number of places.
  • At the start of school year (kindergarten through 12th grade), the children of the employees will receive an amount of 500.000 dong to pay their tuition. 
  • Upon death of an employee, a support amount of 5.000.000 dong will be given to defray the funerary costs.
  • Below is a list of holidays on which employees receive a bonus: 
    • On New Year’s Day, every employee will receive 100.000 dong.
    • On Vietnam Doctors’ Day (February 2nd), every employee will receive an amount of 100.000 dong.  
    • On Women’s Day (March 8th ) and Hùng Kings’ Festival, every employee will receive an amount if 100.000 dong.
    • On April 30th and the 1st of May, every employee will receive an amount of 100.000 dong.
    • On Mid - Autumn Festival, children of the employees who are under 10 will each receive a gift of 50.000 dong. 
    • 100.000 dong on Independence Day (September 2nd) 
    • In order that this model of ours reaps success and witnesses replication across the country, Toan Thang parlor is committed to raising its medical ethics and quality of service. We look forward to receiving support and donation from our respected customers as well as patrons, so that our parlor continues to grow and for ever stays in the rise.  

Long Xuyen, January 1st , 2017 (last modified: October 3rd 2018) 
Director of Toan Thang parlor 

Lê Thị Diệu Quí