About us

          Toan Thang Massage parlor came into being under miraculous circumstances. Mrs. Le Thi Dieu Qui, having long been working with the blind, was sympathetic to the hardships that they had to endure, comprehends their dream of living in a community of mutual understanding and sharing, of having a decent job of their own. Mrs. Le, seeing that realizing their dreams is a meaningful thing, decided to make their dream a reality.

          The parlor was founded on March, 12th 2009 despite initial setbacks: insufficient captial, which were donated by Mrs. Le’s own family, two patrons, and four of her blinds, poor equipment, loss-making, and that the landlord was asking for a high rental price. Mrs. Le had to seek support from the community and in return, received a good amount of support from the community. Among others, the most instrumental role was played by one of our patrons, Mr. Truong Van Hung. Mr. Hung lent the staff not only practical but emotional support, at the same time made up for the  financial losses. But for his support, we would not have had successfully overcome those setbacks and regained our momentum.

          Soon after that, however, another trial loomed: the landlord decided to sell the flat, which meant that the staff could no longer rent it. Once again, Mrs. Le, along with her staff, had to look everywhere for support, by almost any means, but only to little avail. In that moment of despair and hopelessness, a miracle came. A patron, whose name was Nguyen Chanh Thanh, with his magnanimity, purchased the flat, and rebuilt it to be a modern parlor, in order that the blinds here could rest their mind and do their best in the job.

          Their dream was realized. Toan Thang parlor truely became a place where the employees felt loved. Mrs. Le decided that any profit that the parlor made would entirely belong to the blind staff. She lent both material and mental support, ensuring that they always felt loved and respected, that they have their rights to give constructive feedback to the parlor itself. In return, they should dedicate themselves in their work, better their understanding of medical ethics as well as give quality service, all for the well-being of the customers. The staff are committed to striding forward, taking the next step of replicating this model across the country, so that the blind community, who share their hardships, could receive help and support as well.

          Now, Mrs. Le now has another concern. Although her blind have had a place to work, but how about a place to live? At present, they still have to rent and live in apartments. She thought it would be a blessing to be able to, by the help of the community, build an “apartment for the blind”, in which the blind staff could afford an inexpensive apartment in monthly installment. Thus it is another dream of hers: to build an apartment for the blind, so that when they could no longer work, they still have a decent place to live.

          Let the dream of the blind once more be realized. 


          Our parlor looks forward to receiving your support and feedback, so that we can better our service and facility.

           Come to the blind, let the darkness that surrounds them be dispelled by the warm light of human love and compassion.

Manager of the parlor
Le Thi Dieu Qui

Những thành viên có công góp vốn xây dựng Cơ sở Toàn Thắng ban đầu:

Bà Lê Thị Diệu Quí    20.000.0000 đồng
Bà Phạm Thị Lan Hương 20.000.0000 đồng
Bà Lê Thị Hoà 20.000.0000 đồng
Em Trịnh Chấn Vinh 5.000.000 đồng
Vợ chồng em Trần Văn Tài và Cao Cúc Lan 5.000.000 đồng
Em Trần Văn Thêm 3.000.000 đồng

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